Tuesday, March 19, 2013

STM Group debuts new SatLink 2910 VSAT indoor unit

STM Group has introduced the company’s SatLink 2910 VSAT indoor unit, the highest capacity member yet of the SatLink family. By building on the tried-and-tested SatLink 2900 VSAT, SatLink 2910 triples the device’s throughput. Multicast or IP streaming data is supported at rates of up to 150Mbps, while bulk file transfers and interactive IP traffic are managed with exceptionally high throughput.

By supporting all kinds of satellite bands, the SatLink 2910 VSAT is perfect for powerful new Ku-and Ka-band High-Throughput satellites. This helps maritime and mobile markets to gain maximum efficiency.

Some of the features of SatLink 2910 are advanced QoS, integration of traffic shaping with ACM controls, integrated link encryption using AES-256, VLAN tagging with private networking extensions, mesh networking among VSATs and a built-in 8-carrier mesh TDMA burst receiver.

The 1U rack-mountable unit aims to center on broadband multimedia services for maritime and other professional markets. It also serves demanding specialized applications for big commercial enterprises and government ministries.

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