Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Revmar chosen by Maritime Broadband as exclusive VSAT distributor in Cyprus, Greece

Revmar Dynamics, a company that provides both standalone and network-centric high-speed TETRA data solutions, has been chosen by U.S engineering company Maritime Broadband to be the full-service exclusive distributor of the C-Bird VSAt in Cyprus and Greece -- two of the essential markets in commercial shipping. Additionally, Revmar will also be one of Maritime’s non-exclusive distributors for the worldwide maritime market.

In lieu with this deal, Revmar Dynamics has already agreed with Greek shipping company Enterprises Shipping and Trading (EST) to install C-Bird VSAT aboard the first two marine vessels in their fleet as a pilot, expecting that the balance of the 98-vessel fleet will be installed the soonest possible time after the pilot’s completion.

“The co-founders of Revmar Dynamics, Nickos Chatzis and George Strouzakis, have earned an extraordinary international reputation for excellence in security and communications systems,” Maritime Broadband President Mary Ellen Kramer said in a statement. “The depth of their market reach and their ability to deliver a true value-added C-Bird™ package is unparalleled. Revmar’s global presence, with a network of sales, installation and service offices around the world, will give customers the comfort that they are fully supported, no matter where their vessels roam.”

Echoing the statement of Kramer, Revmar Dynamics CEO Nickos Chatzis said: “Maritime Broadband’s C-Bird VSAT solution makes global, permanent connection to the Internet affordable and practical for commercial shipping. We are pleased to offer this premium quality service to our commercial customers and to support them in implementing a multitude of applications to reduce their operating costs and provide quality of life for their crew.”

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